How Innovation Can Yield Results

Innovation requires being profitable besides being realistic. Innovation must earn some positive consequence. In a different approach innovation is the use of improved way out to get fresh needs, incoherent or active needs. For your business, it can be a great mechanism for the expansion and achievement of. It helps in becoming accustomed and developing in the business field. In order to save money as well as time in your business integrating, innovation can help. Innovation can also provide the competitive lead to grow and settle in your business in the suitable marketplace.

The Key Factors

To become innovative doesn’t indicate inventing. Businesses receive an enhanced output and performance when innovation is implemented besides creating a better efficiency in work processes. Therefore the integral element of your business approach must carry successful innovation. This implies inducing fresh thoughts, making dynamic products and also getting better the ongoing services. Connecting with consumers so that they can provide with some innovative ideas for the upgrading of various processes or services or products is a viable step. Engaging employees to innovatively think and work can be a turning factor. Market analysis of the requirements of consumers can bring forward new adoptions for change. Other than all of these the factor that boosts innovation is ‘inspirational leadership’.

The Pioneers

Innovative entrepreneurs have something called creative brainpower. This facilitates innovation yet varies from other kinds of aptitude. It is more than the cognitive skill of being right-brained. Innovators bring into use their understanding and intelligence as they influence the innovation agility to generate innovative thoughts. Innovators cautiously, deliberately and without a fail observe for minute conduct particulars in the doings of a customer, supplier, and others. They do so that they can get insights regarding innovative means of performing things. These innovators constantly engage in some sort of dynamic experimentation. It may be logical study, substantial fiddling with or engagement in a new environment. Dedicating energy and time to set and assessing ideas using a system of varied individuals offers the innovators very changed outlook. The knack to bond effectively with apparently dissimilar queries, initiatives or dilemmas from diverse grounds is what formulates an innovator.

The Results

Innovation signifies looking at a dilemma in a dissimilar way to trace the answers that elude straight requirements practices. There are modus operandi, devices, and tactics which you can put together with your ongoing development procedure to be the element of your innovation. Innovation isn’t a supplementary task rather it is a factor of what you carry out. The intention of innovation is to come across an improved link connecting your business and other processes. Your innovative solution should be reasonable financially. It should offer more consumer fulfillment when conveyed and think likely of your necessities for tomorrow.

While there are innumerable mobile apps that are someway similar to each other there are many which stand out. The one which is exceptional must have been out of an innovative brain. The reason why we see a large number of gaming apps is a repetition of an idea over and over. Striking a strategy totally out of the blues can be lucrative. With the prosperity increasing in technology, besides the cut-throat competition, only a revolutionary innovation can bring forward a mobile app profitably.

Brainstorming and Innovation – Not Really Working Anymore

Well, I have a pretty large personal library with more than 3 dozen books on innovation. It’s amazing how they all read about the same and all have nearly the same advice, especially when it comes to the ‘art of brainstorming’. Still, due to all the new social norms being taught in college these days, where every question asked of a professor, no matter how stupid, is met with; “Great question,” and then followed by the nauseating improper English; “okay so… ” followed by a regurgitated answer – it’s causing the same nonsense in brainstorming sessions.

The only chance today of a brainstorming session coming up with a brilliant original solution would be to have someone in the group who is already a creative genius who can speak up, defend their concept against politically correct and status quo bias and personally persuade the group to yield to their idea. Still, this type of person is a true ‘Thought Leader’ and a legitimate thought leader hardly needs a brainstorming group or any group for that matter in the first place.

Brainstorming isn’t working anymore for innovation, and you can get better creativity from a YouTube Cat Video these days. Corporate R&D Departments aren’t producing much either considering the huge sums of money they spend on the innovative process. Those who predict the future so they can see into the looking glass aren’t much better using their methodologies.

Innovation for the Future and Future Prediction

Let’s take the Futurists of the World Future Society (WFS) as an interesting case study. The WFS has seminars to teach you how to think like a Futurist, symposiums with special emphasis on trend projections and innovation. Isn’t it interesting how all the members of the WFS are always on the same page, and how their predictions are nearly always incorrect (90% of the time)? Why is this? Maybe it’s because when you teach people to think a certain way, they lose the creative edge or ability to do high-level original thought, as you are confine their thought process to logical thinkin?g (left brain thinking) when the students who wish to focus on innovation need to be both left and right brain thinkers.

How are we going to get back to an America that is robust in original thinking and overflowing with new ideas – a nation that is so innovative that we can’t even hold back the rapid changes of our society and civilization? How can we lead the world into the future if we can’t even innovate our way out of plastic bags? Please consider all this and think on it.

Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of eBooks on Innovation in America. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank;

It’s Time for Drone Delivery

It’s Time for Drone Delivery

drone quadrocopter UAV with package fly in the sky

The other day, I was sitting with a group of college students at Starbucks, we were discussing startup businesses. They were brainstorming of what type of business to start. A guy in an ice cream truck pulled up and the driver ran into Starbucks. I joked as he ran by, “don’t you sell any coffee flavored ice cream?” Everyone laughed as did the driver as he briskly rushed the door open and ran in. “Maybe he is just using the restroom?” We all laughed again, and then saw him get pick-up his pre-made coffee he must have ordered with his smart phone Starbuck’s app.

As he was leaving he told us while we sat at the outdoor table that he did sell coffee flavored ice cream. I asked if I could buy a round of ice cream for the group. He apologized and said; “Today, I am delivering Amazon Packages, as a delivery contractor, my brother is using all his vans, so I am helping out, we are really busy – Prime Day Delivery!” Everyone was intrigued, and he broke into a stride saying; “Chow” as he left, and he turned on the music for us as he drove away. What a cool small business owner. We all laughed again, he was so busy he just needed more caffeine to finish his hectic day.

Our group then went back to brainstorming on what a smart business might be for a startup. I laughed and said: “Hey, you have to be observant, we just saw a guy in a friggin’ ice cream truck delivering online packages because they didn’t have enough vans or people to help, that means there is demand in the market not being met.” I started asking them a series of questions:

– How could you deliver more efficiently? 
– How could you streamline the delivery business model? 
– How could you revolutionize the package delivery business? 
– How could you find other underutilized vehicles and people to deliver?

And, then I reminded them that Amazon now has a market value of $1 Trillion. I asked them about other observations they just had?

– Why can’t that ice cream man deliver Starbucks? 
– Why not start a drone business to deliver Starbucks and Amazon? 
– Why not figure out how to solve those delivery challenges with software, apps, drones, combination?

I reiterated; “Let’s face it, you know there is unfulfilled demand in the marketplace for new delivery companies and better options when you see an Ice Cream truck delivering online packages as an Amazon Contractor.”

I explained that you have to observe everything and think. I explained that we can’t be too busy here brainstorming that we stop observing, the clues are everywhere, right in front of our noses. If you are at a loss for ideas, look around, read the newspaper, listen to people complain, think about things that would make problems go away for people – then try to come up with solutions for these challenges – solutions that you can make a profit in providing.

Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of eBooks on Innovation in America. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank;

The Winning Mindset For Creative Solutions Under Pressure

The Winning Mindset For Creative Solutions Under Pressure

For fifteen years, part of my job was to come up with creative ideas-every week, under extreme time pressure, with roughly a million people watching.

I was good at it.

Really good.

But I didn’t start out being good at coming up with creative ideas under pressure. I had to learn.

In my case, creative ideas were necessary because I was the Executive Producer of a hit comedy TV show. In your case, creative ideas are necessary because the outcome of your situation may depend on them.

True, there are some high-pressure situations that don’t require creativity-particularly those that involve repeated physical actions. Shooting the game-determining free throw, for example, doesn’t require a great deal of creativity. It’s definitely high-pressure, but it’s accomplished more or less by rote.

Same with landing an airplane. Take it from me, a private pilot. I’ve made hundreds of landings and, aside from those first ones when I was just learning, they’re pretty much routine. And they’re even more routine for an airline pilot, who has made thousands and thousands of landings. They don’t require a great deal of creativity.

Until something goes wrong.

On July 19, 1989, United Flight 232, en route from Denver to Chicago, lost all three hydraulic systems 37,000 feet above the earth. What this means, in layman’s terms, is that all flight controls were instantly rendered useless. Imagine if you were driving on a highway and all of a sudden neither your steering wheel or brakes did anything at all. Now imagine you’re seven miles up in the air, traveling 500 miles an hour, with nearly 300 people in your car.

That’s pressure. And it required creativity.

Together, the crew discovered that they could maneuver the plane, albeit crudely, by manipulating the throttles on the multiple engines. It wasn’t perfect. The right wing scraped the runway upon landing, and the plane caught on fire. Nearly half the people on board died. But over half lived. Why?

Because the crew came up with a creative solution, in the middle of one of the most pressure-filled situations imaginable.

Your high-pressure situations may not be that dire-in fact, I feel pretty safe in predicting that they never will be. But, unless you’re shooting that free throw by rote muscle memory, they’re likely to require the same kind of creativity.

So here’s the key mindset you need to have in that situation: don’t rule anything out.

“That’s crazy talk-let’s get back to reality!”

“I’m not going to listen to an idea that comes from a lowly intern!”

“That won’t work, because engines aren’t meant to turn the airplane!”

When the pressure is on, does it matter how far-fetched the idea may seem, or who came up with it?

Of course not. All that matters, at that moment, is a successful outcome.

So put your ego aside. Listen to all ideas.

Because that idea that you’re about to rule out… could be the one that saves the day.

Can the Re-Invent Itself?

Can the Re-Invent Itself?

It wasn’t that long ago that UBER came on the scene. Now just ten years later they are looking at a possible 120 billion valuation as an IPO. LYFT another Rideshare company started in 2012 now seven years later is valuated at 15.1 billion.

Rideshare companies like Uber and LYFT were borne out of the technological boom that we have all witness in the last 10 years. Companies like Groupon and Airbnb have all become the benefactors of a new era of growth never seen before.

Rideshare started because of a company (UberCab) in San Francisco came up with an app that could hail a ride using a Smartphone, the rest is history.

Innovation, cutting edge technology, recognizing a need in the market place and seasoned leadership all play a part in creating a successful company.

The question is, can these new innovative companies that have been so successful evolve once again. The answer is obviously yes.

Horse-drawn for-hire hackney carriage services began operating in both Paris and London in the early 17th century. Proof that there is always room for new disruptive innovators.

How can the Rideshare industry re-invent itself?

Where one industry failed to meet the demands of a growing market share another stands ready to take its place. The secret of course is recognizing and understanding the failings of companies like Uber and LYFT and filling that gap.

Where are these possible gaps?

By listening to the complaints of drivers and riders alike opens new opportunities for innovation.


Rider Safety Concerns

Surprising Surge Charges

Unable to travel with small children – Uber and LYFT do not provide child car seats.

Unable to request a driver they like.


Safety Concerns

Need a better pay structure for drivers. Pays the bills but that is all.

Inconsistent, good as a temporary job but nothing in it for the long term employee.

Unable to create their own book of business to create more consistency.

Disrupting the Disrupters

One such company by the name of TRYP Technologies, Inc. has identified many of these gaps and looks to be on the forefront of becoming a disrupter to the Rideshare industry. Their model not only creates more independence for drivers but answers many of the concerns riders have as well. TRYP Technologies, Inc. is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and promises to become a major disrupter to the rideshare market starting in 2019.

For TRYP Riders they have addressed

  • Safety concerns that allows rider with one click to have the home office listen in and act accordingly.
  • Secondly, there are no surge charges which has always been a common complaint.
  • They promise to be one to two percent less than their competitors
  • They have addressed the concerns of parents with small children with car seat availability.
  • They can also request the driver of their choice.
  • Referral program which earn points that can be turned into cash.

As for TRYP Drivers they can

  • Earn 100% of the fare and tip and can get paid from the app instantly.
  • Drivers pay a monthly software subscription fee of $199.
  • Driver app includes safety features when clicked will allow the home office to listen in and act accordingly.
  • Build their own book of business which allows riders to request them.
  • Referral program which earn every time a referred driver picks up a rider.
  • Stock options

Tryp’s technology is designed to provide fast, effective, and affordable on-demand transportation with total peace of mind during the entire ride. Their claim to keep a close eye on the safety of all of their users at every point during the Tryp ride makes them a disrupter to the rideshare industry.

If you are interesting in becoming a driver, take a look at their driver program at:

Article written by Scott Johnson an independent consultant for TRYP Technologies.